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Thanks to Max Martin and his amazing collaborators, Scandinavia has made a huge smash in the music scene worldwide. Mississippi is known as the birthplace of American music, showcasing Elvis, and the Blues. Hollywood continues to impact the world with its ever popular music and movies and the stars that create them, and Nashville continues to earn its title as Music City, USA.

Each of these locales amalgamate into one project, in the debut EP, We Got Love, by The ROAMies. As different and unique as all the places this couple travels, so are husband and wife, Rory and Alexa (James) Partin. She’s 5’ tall, he’s 6’. Alexa is vegetarian, and Rory loves a good steak and grew up in South Louisiana eating squirrels in gumbo. Each started out as solo artists. Rory has an 18-piece Big Band a la Frank Sinatra that has played for the elite including US Presidents. Alexa is about big, happy, Singer-Songwriter pop and was named Hot AC Artist of The Year at the LA Music Awards. Yet fans, friends and family continued to demand the couple join creative musical forces after a they had toured acoustically together as a co-bill.

They started writing together more deliberately, and recorded songs, releasing singles when the timing seemed right. True to their moniker, the 6 songs were recorded in Finland, Mississippi, Los Angeles, and Nashville. With their penchant for travel and touring, they even ROAM while recording, fusing together influences from all these areas along with their unique, strong vocals and diverse songwriting styles.
WE GOT LOVE ties all these differences into one package, creating an upbeat, fresh sound that keeps you happy while grounded in the realities of daily life.

Together the couple has had their songs placed in movies and TV shows and have won Best Soundtrack and Best Theme Song for a Comedy in some of LA’s top film festivals.
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